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Are you caught in the familiar?

August 24, 2015

Patrick Ryan

As a coach I have many conversations with people about the next direction for their life, their business or career.  For some it involves subtle shifts, dialing in what has already been created, often for a greater sense of fulfillment, peace and happiness.For others, a bigger shift is wanted; perhaps a new job, a new relationship, or some other change that will have a big impact on the form and experience of their lives. In either case what one must realize is that the status quo of how things are today, will likely be resistant to change.


The status quo likes things to remain the same.

You can think of this as a comfort zone, although ironically it is often not comfortable at all.  At best it is a familiar zone.


So what does it take to affect a real change in your personal or professional life?

Such change will likely be initiated from one of two possible directions.  Either you will finally acknowledge the stirring and willingly engage in the change process, or the world around you will do it for you. If the world around you does it for you it is often extremely jarring though not necessarily surprising.


Most people will say that they, “saw it coming.” The range of such events could be anything from the breakdown of a relationship, the loss of a job, or the onset of illness where early signs were being ignored or pushed away.


On the other side of the coin, it could also be getting promoted into a scary cool job, or falling in love, or coming into a fortune of some other kind.  Either way, the familiar zone has been disrupted and you are now being called to engage consciously.


Ultimately change is usually for the best, it is just that the catalyst can be alarming. Once people choose to engage and open to all the possibilities that lay ahead, the experience becomes quite empowering.


If you are stirring with some hints of change that are wanted in your life, then it would be good to engage sooner rather then later, allowing you to navigate the river consciously.




What to notice:

  • The mind – Often when deep down inside change is wanted the mind becomes critical, picking away at every opportunity.  Left unchecked this could manifest as resentment towards someone or something, resignation that this is just the way it is and that you can’t do anything about it, or it may spin stories of fear and doubt about what is going on with regards to your ability to create the change you really hope for.
  • The heart and emotions – Emotions of discouragement, anger, frustration, doubt, or fear often signal that you need to pay attention to something in your life. If you find yourself leaking such emotions through outbursts or directing them inwards through self-destructive behaviors, then your subconscious may be asking you to notice and engage.
  • The body – The body will often want to get your attention through aches and pains, sore backs, or pulled muscles. Left unaddressed such symptoms could eventually escalate into more significant issues that could have been avoided.

Yes, it does take courage.

Yes, it can shake up your otherwise familiar life.

Yes, it will eventually get to a point where needed change will be activated with or without you choosing the timing of it, and it will almost always be inconvenient.


It is far better for everyone involved (especially yourself) if you engage sooner rather then later.


What is needed to create a change?

 An infusion of energy.


Imagine that your familiar zone runs along on, asking very little of you.

The familiar zone likes it when you are distracted, busy, lazy, afraid, etc.


To break free of the familiar you need to infuse new energy into your life.


That energy could be created by channeling the anger, frustration, or fear into a resourceful energy of courage, letting go, and sooner if not later, action.

It takes energy and engagement to break out of the familiar consciously!


What can you do?

  • Open up a conversation either with someone involved or with someone who can just listen openly, allowing you to express what is going on. You may be amazed at how clear things can look after talking it through.
  • Engage with a professional coach. Virtually every successful athlete, and business leader has tapped into the resources of people around him or her as sounding boards.
  • Don’t over plan; it will unfold as it must. Over planning is another distraction to avoid getting on with change.Plan just enough to be responsible to yourself and the people involved, and then get going.
  • Step away from the familiar. Attend a retreat, a vision quest, go for a walkabout, a sabbatical.

You can’t really see the big picture from inside the frame.

I have continually seen the people who have come to our vision quests, get the clarity, courage and direction for what is needed in each of their lives to achieve their goals and dreams.


This precious life is so full of wonder and opportunity.

What life asks of you is to engage courageously.



Patrick J. Ryan is an author, life and executive coach, clinical hypnotherapist, and retreat and vision quest guide. He practices from his two favorite places on the planet, Mill Valley, California and Vancouver, Canada; and by skype or telephone.

You may reach Patrick by email at

Vision Quest with AWE!

Doing it on Purpose

August 10, 2015

Patrick J. Ryan


Hi this is Patrick from Awakened Wisdom, guide of the AWE Vision Quest


I’m doing it on Purpose. Are you?


Lately I have been quite restless in a good, and not so good kind of way, wondering about the direction my life is taking at this time.

It seems that I have fulfilled much of what I wanted to and at the same time I have been feeling quite dissatisfied with that.


That’s right. I have been quite dissatisfied with the successes that have happened and with the parts of the dream that did not come through, as I wanted them to.


Looking into this more deeply, this sense of discontent, I find an old familiar layer of energy that drives me to keep pushing forward. That sense of not good enough yet, of not doing enough or, of not whatever, yet.


I know that these are distorted thoughts, lies my subconscious makes up so that I may be more driven and, even knowing that, the current of dissatisfaction runs in the background nonetheless.


On the other hand, the more positive framing, is that I am called to make a difference. I have always believed that living a life on purpose is a meaningful life and ultimately a more fulfilling and happy life.


I believe strongly that a fulfilling life is a life in which I am inspired by a vision and that I am moving forward purposefully towards the aspiration of my vision.


A happy journey is also one of balance. I also allow for days off, travel, siestas, and time to play and to be in nature. It is just that for me I enjoy the downtime more when I am connected to my vision and I have a sense of purpose around me.


Knowing as much as I can about the vision that calls me towards it I can then learn to pace myself.


It, the vision, informs my navigational choices in life. And, in challenging times I can take solace and find joy, in the fact that at least I am living my life according to inspired choices.


There are many ways to express your life on purpose professionally.


Many entrepreneurs are living their life on purpose. Initially perhaps as small business owners risking it all for the sake of their calling, their vision, their drive to build it. Then, as it grows, as the creation takes on a life of its own the vision and resulting creation attract in more interest and energy in the form of resources.

Exciting times for those that make it through!


It is the vision that gives an entrepreneur the courage, the strength and the determination to weather the storms of startups and nay sayers.


Many intrapreneurs, the inspired people within organizations, are channeling their entrepreneurial energy in collaboration with an organization, and are living synergistic lives. That is if they are lucky enough to be in an organization that encourages such behavior.


Beware if you are an organization of such talented and called people that either they will build it with you or they will find another way but the vision that drives them will not be denied.


If you, as an organization, are lucky enough to have attracted such creators of tomorrow’s great ideas then you must provide the resources and the container to let creative geniuses do what they do best and this is getting on with the business of the future.


Solopreneurs and professionals who are practicing their art through their individual practices could be living on purpose. When a professional has aligned their personal talent with a professional expression for a service that the world wants and needs they are likely tuned into a sense of purpose and hopefully vision. They are connected but not one in the same.


Vision stirs

Often people are stirring inside. This could be a driven and inspired energy that moves you forward through each day or, it could be a sense of discontent. This stirring could be experienced as an uneasy feeling of thought that you are just putting in your time until someday when things will be different or it could be a sense of restlessness like that alerting calm of ions just before the thunder crackles and has us jump or duck.


Do you jump or do you duck when stirred by the crackle of vision?


If you are stirred with such a feeling then it wants to be addressed. Ignoring it will not only not make it go away it may just drive it underground where it will run like a current of unexpressed creative energy leaking out any chance it gets. The problem with this is that it usually leaks out as anger or frustration or anxiety and at the very least as distracted thinking. At its worst it could manifest itself as illness.


It will do whatever it takes to get your attention. That is what it wants.

Your attention!


So what is a guy or gal to do?

Vision asks you to pay attention. That literally means that your ticket to vision is paid for with a-tension.


How do your pay a-tension?

First you have to acknowledge it. Admit that you are being called. Notice through which channel or multiple channels this vision is corresponding with you. Though I am calling it vision, which is clearly a visual word, it works on you through every channel in which it can get your attention.


Through the body

Vision wants you to hear it as it whispers in the recesses of your mind.

To feel it as it stirs in your heart to wake up and get on with it.

To notice it as it burns in your belly, and the muscles of your back, and the very fibers of your body.

To see it as it dances in your dreams both day and night flirting with you like a lover that beckons you to twirl in her winds of possibilities.

To taste it as you salivate with the possibilities of a pleasurable if not forbidden future.

And to take in the scent of vision it as it mixes with the enticements of nature and even industry, and spicy futuristic imaginings.


Through the mind

It may be beckoning with day dreams, distracted thoughts, recurring ideas that persist and will persist until you, or will it be someone who gets there before you, finally says, “Yes”, to it.


Through the heart

Oh that aching pull of the heart that screams out that you are wanted somewhere else. That you have completed your time and mission in the current configuration of your life and that now is a time for courage. A time to respond, knowing that the road is perilous, knowing that you just must because though the safer road is the one you already know so well, it is also the road of a slow death. The death of vision.


Through the spirit

For those of you that are open to partnering with the Universe your road is no less risky at least according to the concern channel of the sub-conscious mind and the bureau of statistics, but it is a path that is met with guidance, good fortune, synchronicity, and all manner of strange and illuminated occurrence.

Your spirit lifts at the very thought of it and demands that you let it out of the box of conformity for no great vision saw the world stay as it was, but rather showed us what it could be.

If you are called you would ignore such a call at the expense of your spirit and that is far too high a price to pay.

Better to risk all your worldly fortune then to take that last gasp and remember the time that you looked away from the luminous path.


There is help!

This is where the Awakened Wisdom Vision Quest comes in.

It is a courageous act to say yes to the quest. Knowing that all that you hold dear in your life is put on the table of choosing. In the quest you will be challenged to own up to the highest aspect of who you are.


Once you are aligned with your courageous spirit you will know what is needed.


Don’t worry yet about the how, the wherefores, and the details. That time will come for all of that but that is not what you are being held accountable for now.

Now is the time to say yes to the AWE Vision Quest.



Join us on October 12, 2015. Join us for a most extraordinary journey out of the ordinary and into the visionary.


Click here to read more about the AWE Vision Quest

Transitions and the AWE Vision Quest

March 7, 2015

Patrick J. Ryan


Many Journeys – Vision Quest with AWE
The Transition Journey

In the last article we explored how attending an AWE Vision Quest could support those who are on a healing journey.
Now we will consider how AWE Vision Questing is a great experience for those in transitions.

Life is a series of transitions.

Transitions could be any change in your inner world such as a sudden shift in your understanding of how this world works, or, it could be in your external world such as a change in career, personal relationships or anything. These transitions may at times be subtle, or at other times large disruptions to our otherwise regular life as we knew it.

What are some typical causes of transition?

  • Getting promoted
  • Getting divorced
  • Career changes
  • Changes in fortune
  • Epiphanies
  • Retirement
  • Loss of loved ones
  • A diagnosis
  • A healing
  • Loss of anything that causes an impact on our life.

Generally a transition is caused when you don’t fit some aspect of your life any more or it doesn’t fit you.

As you grow and develop through life you will experience some defining moments when you must respond to something that has intercepted you along the path.
Once you have experienced an epiphany, had a breakthrough awakening of some sort, it cannot be put back into the bottle. Such an experience will challenge you to redesign your life in order to make your life or career current with your newly realized worldview.
Sometimes that life-altering event is thrust upon you. It could be a wakeup call from a health challenge, it could be that your life partner wants a significant change, it could be a disruption in your work situation.

However it came about, you are now at a crossroads.


There may be some decisions to be made and at the very least there is a need to understand, to get some perspective, on what is going on and what this is telling you about who you are in the world now.
Sudden life changing events are like lightning bolts that may have been foreshadowed by thunder. If you weren’t paying attention earlier it could seem as if it came out of the blue.

Regardless of how you got to this transition point, here you are.

  • Who are you now?
  • Where do you go from here?
  • What do you do?

These are just a few questions that transitions will confront us with.

The AWE Vision Quest
Stepping out of the center of your life, being reconnected to your inner wisdom, getting a perspective check, these are all just a few of the benefits of attending an AWE Vision Quest..
Here you will be skillfully guided and challenged to really see what is being revealed; to be held to your own truth, and supported with belief in you, that you have what is needed to excel through this next stage of your journey.

Become present.
In order to access your own wisdom it is essential to become present. In becoming present you step out of the forward velocity of your life and you drop in vertically to your own wisdom.
Something is emerging around you. You can likely feel it, perhaps you know something about it, perhaps it is just a sense of being out of synch, or not quite connected to your life or career.
You are never alone except when you disconnect your Self from the inside out.
We always have the opportunity to tap into wisdom that is at the same time, of us, and, bigger than us.

By stepping out of the jet stream of your life you not only allow your inner wisdom to become known to you, you tap into a source that is far beyond your self.

You are part of an ocean of universal wisdom, which I like to call the wisdom field. When you become present you are more able to connect to the wisdom field and to gather in hints, clues, and overt messages from the Universe about who you are now and what it is now time for as you navigate your great adventure.

In the AWE Vision Quest Experience you will be guided into a deep experience of presence.

Although life’s breakthroughs cannot be scheduled and are seldom convenient they are precious opportunities to embrace and to consciously engage with. Any great adventure is filled with uncertainty, risk, and asks you to tap into your courage for the sake of something that you are being called to at this time.

I have found that through the AWE Vision Quest Experience I am able to connect to my inner resources, to courage, and I am then able to navigate the opportunities that are being presented.

What is calling you?
Give yourself the gift of an AWE Vision Quest Experience and get real in your life.


Click here to read about the AWE Quest

Patrick J. Ryan
Founder, Author, and Guide

AWE Vision Quests and Healing journeys

Many Journeys – Vision Quest with AWE

This is the first of a series of vision quest articles written by

Patrick J. Ryan, Founder of Awakened Wisdom Experiences (AWE)


The healing journey, as a motivation for vision questing



There are as many reasons for participating in an AWE Vision Quest as there are imaginations.  People come to refresh themselves, for renewed vision, to clarify a way through a transition, to get clarity on whether or not to activate a life transition, and more and more.  Many people who show up are on a healing journey, whether they know it or not.


What is a vision quest?

Many styles and interpretations of vision questing have existed through the ages.  The idea of a quest, or a pilgrimage, or an initiation ritual, is present in many cultures around the world.


I have quested in a variety of countries, cultures, and traditions over a period of decades; and have been guiding my own style of AWE Vision Quest for several years.


Some of the more consistent elements of a quest include a time of preparation, a time of gathering with a circle of people who are choosing to have this experience, a time of being solo (alone with yourself and your “Self”), a time of reflecting and engaging in a personal process.  It includes a time of returning, first back to the circle and then back to your life.  It is in the return that you begin the often-challenging process of integrating what you have learned or received from your experience.


A vision quest is generally considered a courageous, generous, and selfless act to engage in because there are risks, and whatever you gain from the experience is considered to be for the benefit of others around you - including your family, community, organization etc.



I have developed an Awakened Wisdom Experience style of vision quest that I call the Clear Mind Medicine Journey©.  

In this style of vision quest we do not use mind-altering substances.  I have a lot of respect for, and have been on vision journeys where we did use mind-altering substances, and I have had amazing break through experiences as a result.  When such experiences are well guided they can be very helpful.  I have also experienced many profound breakthroughs without the use of substances.  


I have chosen the Clear-Mind approach because when it comes right down to it, when we meet ourselves in the experience of the quest, and learn to achieve a clear-mind and open-heart, we are well positioned to experience extraordinary breakthroughs.


Some people make the comment that they go out on their own, into nature, for a self-guided experience.  I do that sometimes as well.  Although it is an amazing experience to go on your own for a getaway, it is not the same as being guided, and journeying with a circle of people who have come for their own reasons and who are also contributing support to each others experience.


In days past, communities and cultures, often organized quest experiences to support their people through varying transitions.  We have mostly lost that in our western culture, and so this AWE Quest Experience becomes a profound way to claim this process for your Self.


Throughout this AWE Vision Quest Experience we engage with nature and reconnect to the wisdom of our minds, hearts, and bodies.  

Nature is the source from which we came, and nature is always there in relationship with us.  It is we who cut ourselves off from nature, and so it is we who can choose to re-engage with the land in a powerful and conscious way.  


Through connection with the land we may gain insight, clarity, an open heart, renewed spirit, and resources to support the healing of our bodies.


What is a healing journey?

The healing journey is a strong motivation for giving yourself a quest experience.


Every one of us is on a healing journey in some way.  

When we have been diagnosed with a chronic condition such as cancer, or other condition that demands our attention, we become more consciously aware of our healing journey.


When we get that diagnosis we are being told that there is something going on in our system that wants and needs our attention.  The choices of how we respond to a diagnosis - whether it is for a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual crisis - are as varied as there are days in a life.



However we arrived at this point, it is now where we are.  It is our present reality.


Understanding the underlying cause for a diagnosis is valuable to the extent that we can understand how this situation might have come about.  However, more often than not, it is not a simple cause and effect story.  More often than not, there are many influences that came together which eventually, or suddenly, resulted in a person’s current state of being.


Everything in our inner world and our outer existence is related, like a web of influence, therefore it is unusual to be able to determine a single cause for anything. Our choices of diet, activities, exercise, lifestyle, stress, environmental influences, and even our DNA, all connect together and add up to our current moment – our current experience.


It makes sense to take a more holistic approach when one is consciously choosing to recreate a sense of wellbeing.


As a coach, clinical hypnotherapist, vision quest guide, and shamanic practitioner, it is my observation that people reflect the impact of their past experiences in their emotional body, their mental body, their physical body, and their spiritual body - or what some might call ‘the soul.’


Even if you don’t buy in on the spiritual dimensions of our experience then, at a very pragmatic level, what we are pointing to is the impact of our perspectives, our behaviors and the levels of positivity that we bring to our daily experience.


Once someone has received a diagnosis, a few strong influences kick in.  

Your doctor will likely have a recommended course of action depending on what you are now working through.  You may be referred to a series of specialists who may or may not agree on what you should do now.


Your family and friends, who love you, will have their own fears, concerns, and responses to your situation.  Your colleagues, business associates, employers will have another set of concerns.  All of these well-meaning people may start projecting onto you their fear of losing you, along with their well-meaning advice of what they think you should do.


Your challenge is how to stay open to receiving the love, support, and ideas, while maintaining a grounded connection to your own wisdom.  

In order for you to do that, you need to be able to access a clear-mind and an open-heart.  That is your AWE Nature.


How can you stay open, centered, and positive with regards to treatments, life decisions, and outcomes?


It seems obvious that when you are facing a life threatening or life altering diagnosis your strongest option, your point of power, is to stay connected to your AWE Nature and not get caught up in reactivity and fears.  It is also true that being able to sustain from that can be quite a challenge.


What to do?

This is where working with someone, an AWE Guide, who is skilled at connecting you to your own wisdom, is a great help.  This person becomes a valuable member of your team of resources, complimenting the efforts of your professional advisors and love ones.


Your job is to stay creative, resourceful, and positive, and to consider the options that are being presented to you by your trusted professionals and loved ones; and then to choose your course of action according to your own best wisdom.



The AWE Vision Quest process.

At the AWE Vision Quest you are guided into a deep and profound relationship with your own AWE Nature, which is the inner source of wisdom that we all have access to when we learn how to connect with it.  In order to accomplish that, we open a profound relationship with nature, we create a container of intention, and we get still and allow our selves to drop down into the core of our creativity and wisdom.


Nature as an amazing healer, clarifier, supporter, and nurturer; she becomes your partner.  The more connected you are with her; the more you are connected to the highest aspect of your Self.


Another facet of an AWE Vision Quest is the field of positivity that is opened by all those who say, “Yes,” to the experience and who choose to gather.  There is always a resourceful response to any situation which life presents along your path.


As a guide, coach, clinical hypnotherapist I am freed of the responsibilities of diagnosing, and treating; and therefore I’m available to support you as you clarify your own wisdom, and as you consider your options as they are revealed day-by-day.


Whether you are healing from a diagnosed illness, embarking on or considering a life transition, or working through minor stress related challenges to your wellbeing, the AWE Vision Quest may be just what is needed now.


I am happy to have a conversation with you to discuss your situation, and to support you in accessing your wisdom on the question of whether or not working with an AWE Guide and attending an AWE Vision Quest is a good move for you at this time.


Click here to read about the AWE Quest


Be Well,

Patrick J. Ryan

The power of practice

I have been noticing lately that life is moving forward for myself, my clients, and even for the men in San Quentin that I am working with, at quite a fast pace. That, of course is not a big revelation, and it is worth noting.
This seems to be a time of manifestation for so many people. For many there is a tradeoff with that through what is needed to keep up with it all.
The forward momentum of our professional and personal lives has a way of compelling us forward much like a river has its currents sometimes running faster sometimes swirling about, and sometimes being quite still.


Imagine that you are on that river.

It may be that you imagine yourself in a boat of some kind, or a kayak, or perhaps you are in the water swimming, floating, or holding onto a log as the current carries you along.
Now check in with your state of mind, heart, and body.


Would you say that you mind has been quite clear lately, calm, connected to your vision, or perhaps frantic, unsure, even confused or overloaded? Just notice.

What about the state of your heart? That is your emotional experience and your experience of connection back to your self, your family, colleagues, and to the natural world. Do you notice that you have been in joy, happiness or frustration, anxiety, perhaps you have been quite open lately or has all that is going on around you compressed you? Again, just notice.

Now check in with your body. What tensions might you be holding? Where in your body is that showing up? How is your digestion, your heart, your breathing? Just notice.

It is always important to be willing to notice what is going on with us. Often just noticing is enough to open up some energy blocks or gets us breathing a little deeper for a while. Each of us has a personal responsibility to care for our selves so that we may be able to care for the world around us. We have a responsibility to  make good choices, to say yes and no when needed for the sake of wellbeing and all that comes with that.


In order to make great choices it helps if we are centered, grounded, connected to our own wisdom.
Sometimes that is easier said then done given the demands of life.
Here is a simple exercise for accessing your center.

It will only take a moment or three and the benefit is immediate and sometimes profound.

Give your self permission to take a three minute break right now.

Sit in a good posture so that your body is relaxed and you are able to breathe deeply.

Notice your feet, what they feel like in your shoes or on the ground. Notice their temperature and whatever else you can observe.


Now scan up and notice your legs, your pelvis/groin region, scan up to your stomach, solar plexus, heart, shoulders, arms, back, neck, jaw, face and the crown of your head.


Take your time and scan your body noticing any tensions that you may be holding.


Then imagine that you can pull the energy of mother earth up through the soles of your feet and up through your body and direct that energy with your breath to any place in your body, heart or mind that catches your attention.

Then just sit for a moment with exquisite awareness and breathe, listen, and observe.



Patrick J. Ryan

Founder of Awakened Wisdom Experiences

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stay Connected

Ancient Wisdom. Modern Applications.
Thank you for visiting and for your interest in Awakened Wisdom for Daily Living.
I have just released an 8-week live and recorded tele-program on this very topic.
To stay current with our latest blogs, as well as to get information on this and our other experiencial learning programs, please visit the Awakened Wisdom website at
Patrick J. Ryan
Awakened Wisdom Experiences
Ancient Wisdom. Modern Applications.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Dream of Soul and Life Purpose

Joseph Campbell, the highly regarded teacher of mythology, wisely pointed out that for the first half of a human’s life the ego runs ahead in search of experience and wealth. During this time, the Soul takes a back seat, patiently waiting for the ego to do its thing and to gather in what it needs. The Soul serves the ego by letting it run much like a wild hungry dog in search of adventure and wealth of whatever the ego is collecting. It could be money, other resources, or experiences.

Then there comes a time when the Soul turns its gaze onto the ego and says, “Thank you for forging ahead and for having the experiences you have had. There is a greater meaning to all of this though, and it is time that you, ego, sit back and serve me, the Soul, as I fulfill my bargain with the Universe and express my life purpose.”

The Soul works us from within, and so there comes a time in our human adventure when it gets activated and demands that we follow its yearning. For some, this time occurs at a young age. We recognize these people as “old Souls.” When we are around them we feel a deeper, fuller connection to the Universe. Others may not have this experience until the last few short moments of their physical lives on Earth, when suddenly at the end of it all they awaken and realize something important is being realized.

Still others experience this time at midlife, and it is often manifested in what we call midlife crises. I prefer to call these midlife awakenings. This is a time when, under the pressure of the Soul, many people start to ask questions about what this life is really all about. It is a time when people look at the houses, cars, boats, and shoe collections and realize that as nice as those things are, they aren’t providing much meaning to their human existence.

If we are lucky, we are willing and still able to respond to the call when it comes. If we do, we let go of the attachment to the ego’s treasures, which can often confuse our families and friends, and we allow our Selves to respond to the Soul's call and to seek out some meaning in our otherwise productive lives. The Soul is grateful to the ego for having amassed all the resources and assures the ego that these things will be put to good use. The ego has been creating foundations, which are pools of resources that can now committed to a use that is generally altruistic in its intention.

The yearning of the Soul to be out in front at this stage becomes a major influence on our life’s dreams. Many of the things that used to seem important suddenly fall away from our desires. The Soul has better and more important things in mind for you now. The Soul works on us in mysterious ways that we often experience as a longing, a yearning that arises from deep within. This stirring causes us to be restless. It calls us out of our comfortable life. It beckons us, calls to us in our sleep. It shakes us in the waking sleepwalk of our regular life. It will haunt you, follow you, and pull away the illusions of your life that ego built. It will not allow you to sleep any longer. When it calls for you, you will at least know; whether you answer or not is another question.

Watch for my book coming out this November:
Awakened Wisdom - A Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance
Patrick Ryan
Chief Waker-Upper

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